Make a self-service printer available in your location.

Join the largest network of self-service printers in Europe. Attract customers, increase revenue.

What is Zeccer?

Zeccer is the largest self-service printer network in Poland. You can order a device to your location to expand the scope of your services, attract customers or delight guests. Without any nuisance or additional work. Zeccer is the ideal solution for:

Coffee shops
Shopping malls
Co-working spaces
Halls of residence
Housing community
Universities and schools
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Why is it worth hosting our printer?

Almost 82% residents of Europe must use printing services at least once a year.

Zeccer is a convenient and wireless print station which serves residents by saving time and money. If you have 0.5m² of space, you can get one of our printers for free and we will take care of the rest.

Become a host in 3 easy steps

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Order a printer for free. Our team will deliver and install it at your location.

We will send you supplies

We will automatically deliver the supplies to your location before they run out - all for free!

Welcome satisfied customers

Once the printer is up and running, our users will visit your location and print, and you will increase your revenue.

Ideal for spots such as

Shopping malls

Thanks to Zeccer, customers can satisfy yet another need of theirs - printing. Dla najemców ogólnodostępna drukarka to świetna alternatywa do drukarki na zapleczu.

Halls of residence and hotels

A printer in a hall of residence is a necessary piece of equipment used 24 hours a day. For hotel guests, in turn, it is a way to have their printing done in a secure and confidential manner.

Housing communities

Provide residents with access to the print service at all times. No problems or additional work for the administration. One printer for the community limits electric waste by several hundred tons per year.


Here comes the new. Say goodbye to print points from a bygone era and welcome modern self-service printing which is tailored to contemporary technology and needs.

Shops and coffee shops

Attract over 60 new customers a week and give them a reason to come back to you.

Universities and schools

Provide students with a print service which is tailored to their needs and available in 4 languages: Polish, English, Russian and Spanish.


ratings from the customers


of the printers
all over Poland

9+ M

The number of printed

750 000


Comprehensive implementation

Quick implementation

We will deliver and install the printer along with a system for self-service printing at your location.

User support

We provide our customers with telephone and e-mail support, so that contact with the customer is always on our side, and your employees can take care of their business.

We take care of everything

We will take care of replacing supplies and paper. In the event of a malfunction, our technician will fix the problem.

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Our marketing efforts are designed to attract new customers to your locations.

We focus on people looking for a print service, and thanks to that you gain new customers who will make a purchase in your location.

Delight your customers.

Give new customers a reason to come back to you. The survey conducted among our customers shows that the service meets a real need. Since 2021, Zeccer has attracted 62 new people to a location per week.

Environmental sustainability is important to us.

and we are proud to support the idea of sharing economy. Join us and together we will do something good for the environment.

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